Foehn Dryer® is a sport and recreational equipment dryer

Everyone knows that the better care you provide for your equipment, the longer it will last and the more enhanced its performance will be. Leaving your gear to air dry may take days, and other speed-drying technologies use hot air that destroys your equipment materials. Foehn Dryer boot dryer is designed by an outdoorsman, for outdoorsman. With our new airwave technology, Foehn Dryer boot dryer evenly disperses cool air throughout your wet gear, drying while keeping the items intact and highly efficient.

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Key Product Features:

  Hot air compact yet powerful shoes, boots, gloves, helmets dryer

  Dimensions in the travel bag: 12 x 5 x 4 in. and weighs only 2lb (1kg)

  Universal 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz Power Input – will work anywhere in the world

  Tight output air temperature control ensures protection from overheating

  Dries up to three pairs of boots / shoes / gloves at the same time

  Timer with an automatic shutdown can be set up to 8 hours

  Collapsible tubes can be expanded from 12 in. to 26 in. (60 cm)

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Shipping rates:

  $12  flat rate via USPS within US (52 states)

  $30  flat rate for international shipping via USPS

  FREE shipping for orders greater than $100